Readers! Something shocking has happened! I’ve started wearing trousers!

Now, to the average modern person, that sounds like a pretty silly statement, but I’ve been going with “trousers only when absolutely necessary” for probably close to five years. Mostly because finding ready-made trousers that were comfy and nice looking seems to be an impossible feat for me (especially since my trouser preferences are permanently stuck in the fifties), and even patterns have failed me before (probably would’ve been OK with tons of adjustments, but that was before I knew what adjustments to make), so I just sort of gave up on trousers all together.

But then I drafted a trouser pattern with my own measurements at school, and WOW! It’s quite a tricky pattern to draw, as basic blocks go, but boy was it worth it. So I went ahead and modified that pattern a bit to fit my desired level of comfiness, and made a pair of vintagey trousers, and a pair of overalls. These pictures are old, taken at the start of the summer (right now it’s cold, dark and wet again), but especially the black pair I’ve been wearing a ton! They have really become a wardrobe staple for me. But enough rambling, and off to the pictures, which were taken by my classmate Elena. Also, I apologize for all the squinting, but my eyes and sunlight don’t go well together.


Sometimes I attempt actual poses.


The first pair are made from a black wool blend (though mostly polyester, since they were difficult to iron). I was going for a bit of a pedal pusher look, but made them quite loose for the sake of, once again, comfiness. I also lowered the crotch seam about 1,5cm. They have slanted single-welt pockets on the front, and the trousers are fully lined (!) because I’m all for a bit of everyday luxury.


The overalls were inspired by women’s wartime working outfits, you know, like this classic pic:


They are made with the same basic pattern as the black trousers, but a bit wider and with the obvious overalls additions, flaps and straps and such. Very comfy and practical.



– Sadie



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11 thoughts on “Trousers!

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Cutey! I have a bit of a pants aversion- they never love me back- you look great in these. Brava!

  2. Wow! Loving your vintagey look there. Congratulations on building a trouser block that fits.

  3. Those turned out fabulously, and kudos for drafting them entirely from scratch! Love the WWII inspired overalls, as well!

  4. sassyt says:

    Fab! Would you mind me sharing this on SSB in the future? I link to your post and let you know when shared.

  5. sassyt says:

    Can’t remember whether I have already told you and my post is still awaiting approval. Anyway these gorgeous dungarees have been shared on SSB today. Thanks for permitting.

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