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The V Blouse


Here’s what I made on Sunday:


I used up the leftovers from Tiia’s green dress on this, so it was a pretty handy project. Really comfy too! It just makes me think of summer a bit too much which in turn makes me feel bitter about the fact that it’s still snowy and freezing over here…

The patterns I made were very much inspired by a bodice design from one of the 30’s mags I bought a while back, the one on the right in this pic:



I really like this design — It’s so simple but still inventive, just the way I like it. Might use it again some time for a dress or something, maybe with two colours.





Sometimes quick projects like this are the best, the craftsy-person’s equivalent of a few hours at the shops – only without the possible remorse and emptied wallet.

– Sadie

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A Top And Some Pattern Drafting

Firstly, a kimono-style top I made the other day:

I used pattern 120 from Burda 05/2008. The fabric was a little too stretchy, so the end result is slightly bigger than I intended. Also, I just can’t seem to be able to sew double-needle top-stitches straight! Argh!

But I like how it turned out, especially how it’s the most comfortable piece of clothing ever!


I also drafted my first basic bodice block and sleeve block using the instructions from a book I bought called Pattern Cutting by Dennic Chunman Lo.

Here are the pattern pieces:

And here’s the toile:


The fabric I used for the toile was too stiff, I was a bit lazy with the sewing, the sleeves came out a bit too tight — but I’m still really pleased with the result. I’m so excited about making my own patterns!

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Quick Serging

In yesterday’s post I said that it would probably take a while before I would dare make something with my “new” serger. As it turns out, it didn’t take that long after all. Today, after coming home from my lecture, I made a top for my friend Tiia from the leftovers of the dress I showed you guys yesterday. It took about three hours total, including drafting the top and messing around with my serger to get the right thread tensions.

So tadaa! here it is:

I think it turned out ok even though it was put together fast. I was very much inspired by the braided neckline tank on Burdastyle, but didn’t use the actual pattern.

The seams look nice enough too, though I still have to get better acquainted with my serger, I admit. Getting the thread tensions right is a little hit-and-miss for me right now, but I guess practice makes perfect?

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