The Skirt With No Side Seams


I decided a while ago that it would be cool to draft a skirt pattern with no side seams, just to see what I would come up with. So here you go:



The fabric I used was a light-weight wool mix, which had a bit of stretch. It was easy enough to work with until I got to the invisible zipper on the front, which is still a bit bumpy even though I tried my best to stabilize it… but one has to live with one’s fabric choices I guess. It was also a bit hard to iron. There’s a so called “couture high waist facing” set along the waistline (the technique is explained in a book I have called The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques by Lynda Maynard) which is basically just 10 cm of extra facing strengthened by a layer of organza and “tailor’s canvas” (I used a sort of tough raw cotton) and some rigilene boning. It really helps to keep the waistline smooth, and also helped a bit with the bumpy zipper issue.


There’s a pocket in one of the front seams, which was a bit of a challenge to make since I’d never done a zippered in-seam pocket before, but I think it looks quite good, at least from the outside (krhm).


The zipper runs along the other front seam for about 30 cm.


And oh man, the pattern pieces for this skirt! They are strange! I’m actually kind of proud of them being so odd. The smaller one looks a bit like a flower and the bigger one is like a hammer or something. Gotta keep it interesting.

No side seams

— Sadie

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2 thoughts on “The Skirt With No Side Seams

  1. […] lining I had lying around. There’s a slightly enforced facing along the waistline like in the skirt with no side seams, to keep it from wrinkling up too […]

  2. kokorimbaud says:

    I love the skirt construction, very unusual!

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