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School Projects

Hey hey!

I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while now, but a lot has been happening — mostly Christmas — so maybe I’ll be forgiven.

Anyway, I said I’d be posting about what I’ve been up to at school, so here we go. These are only the biggest things though, since we’ve done lots of small stuff along the way, and my newest project — a pair of trousers from a rather gaudy floral fabric — hasn’t been photographed yet.

Our school has its own studio, which is rather awesome, especially here in Finland during the winter, since we really don’t get much natural light at all. You can kind of tell from these pictures that some of the lights were missing (the more recent ones we’ve taken have been much better) or maybe I’ve just never actually taken pictures in a studio before :D . But I admit to nothing of course.

The most time-consuming project and my personal favorite this autumn was making a tailored skirt for my classmate Johanna — who in turn made me a skirt. It’s a short pencil skirt with a raised waistline, pockets, and a tiny belt-thing. She loved it, and I loved making it. The fabric was a bit annoying though, since it had the kind of texture that makes every piece of lint and thread want to stick to it forever.




A t-shirt with flutter sleeves I made for myself:


The curse of looking sad in photos is indeed a terrible one.


A fairly basic college jumper:


A colour-blocked tunic:


And a black summer dress thing, which was the product of our first “test”, in which everyone had to make the same garment according to very specific instructions, without consulting the teacher. The front seams looked much better live. In this pic they just kind of look like I forgot to iron them.


Overall, I’ve been very pleased with school, and my chosen career path. The things we make start from fairly simple looking stuff, since it’s all part of the process of learning to do things “right”. The focus is on quality, and I’ve learned a ton, even though I’ve considered my quality of sewing pretty high before.

So even though I may look a bit sad in photos, inside I mostly feel like over-excited Buffy when it comes to life right now.

– Sadie

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Unposted Things


Here are two dresses I’ve forgotten to post about:



This one I made in October from one of the fabrics I got in Paris, and the pattern was one we used for a project at school. Unfortunately I was a little lazy measuring whether the pattern was good for me, so it ended up being a little tight around the hips at first. So I added a slightly awkward godet to both of the side seams, which kind of bugs me, but it’s not that noticeable in the end. Anyway, I really like this dress, and I hope to wear it many times in the spring when it’s not so freaking cold anymore.


This other one is more of a tunic I suppose, and I made it some time in the summer with the same pattern I used for this blouse. It’s super comfy and I wore it lots when it was warmer.


I’ll probably be posting something in the near future about what I’ve been doing at school so far, since by now we’ve done a fair amount of projects there. I also have a pretty nifty crochet project in the works, so be expecting that too :)

– Sadie

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Another Dress For Tiia

Hi all!

I made another dress for my friend Tiia, the same one I made this dress for. Here’s the finished product:

featuring headphones and banjo. I swear they just happened to be there :D

This is basically just a ripoff of some high-street design, but I can’t remember which store it was from anymore. The fabric is a light-weight and flowy viscose. The pattern I made myself.

The back is open, and there are pockets in the side seams. Lets hope she likes it!

Taking pictures is getting harder and harder over here, since there’s only about six hours or so of natural light per day right now, and it sucks. Makes me really tired too.

I’m currently working on an evening gown for my mum, almost from scratch since I made the pattern myself. Can’t wait to show it to you once it’s done!

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Recent Projects

Hey everyone!

Standard what-I’ve-been-up-to-for-the-past-few-weeks-post:


One Fabric, Two Dresses


I found this wonderfully soft black and white rayon at my local fabric store a  while back. The 4 1/2 m batch I bought cost only about 15 euros, so it was cheap too.

For dress #1  I used the classic Butterick B4790 “walk-away” dress pattern. I made some alterations, mainly to the shoulders and back darts. As you can see I also messed up the back, since it came out a little short, but I didn’t bother to try and fix it as this is just a casual summer dress. I made the bias tape myself from the same rayon fabric, and totally fell in love with making my own! It worked superbly and looks really nice on the finished product.

The dress closes with seven snaps.



The pattern for dress #2  I made myself with the help of the bodice block I drafted a while back. It’s basically just a really simple shift with a rounded hem and open back. I wanted to capture a kind of sixties feel with this — which was accomplished, I think. I’m really really happy with how it turned out.


A Bag for My Sis

My sister asked me to make her a bag from a fabric I had stored up. Here it is:


I leave you with this hypnotic elephant shrew:




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November, November

Ugh, this is going to be a busy month.

I’m moving by the 1st of December (so packpackpackpack), while trying desperately to study for my upcoming exams a bit, AND doing NaNoWriMo at the same time. So I probably won’t have that much time to sew, which is horrible, cos I’m bursting with ideas.

So, to keep this blog from dying at a very you age, I thought I’d post some pictures of the stuff I’ve made previously, until I have time to get sewing again. Good enough? YAY

The Graduation Dress

(we're back to headless photos again, cos I couldn't seem to get a picture where my hair was publishable :D )

This is one of my favourite dresses, mostly due to the wonderful fabric and the fact that I had so much fun wearing it. I made it about a year and a half ago for my Lukio (Finnish high school) graduation day, but for some strange reason haven’t worn it since. It always seems to be a little too fancy or not fancy enough or too colourful for the occasion or something. But I still love it.

The skirt is basically a full circle, but constructed out of smaller sections to get the “heaviest” colouring on the hem.

The ties are super-long (163 cm from the shoulders onwards), twisted at the back, wrapped around the waist twice and then tied at the front.

Just look at those colours! Ah!

This is also a very practical dress for parties – if you spill some wine on it, no one will notice! :)

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