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Vintagey shirts!

Oh Summer!

Here in Finland it’s short, and mostly not-super-warm, but I love it all the same! And today is the longest day of the year, so the sun will probably only set for a few hours (up in Lapland it really shines all day and night during summer).

But yeah, because of this summer thing, I’ve been a bit lazy. But now I have something to share with you again:


I made this shirt based on this post on Freshly Given, since I instantly fell in love with the simplicity of the pattern.

It’s basically just a rectangle with some straps and a neck hole:

The fabric I got from my lovely boyfriend’s lovely mother. She works at a local theatre, and this gorgeously delicate blue silk was used on stage, probably as a backdrop of some kind, so I got at least 6×6 metres of the stuff! It will feature in many of my future posts, I think.


Shirt number two is an upcycle of a blouse I’ve had in my closet for years now — made of the most wonderful fabric, but just not a very flattering garment.

Here’s the original blouse:

And here’s what it became:

(Sorry for the lack of ironing — as I said, I get lazy in the summer)

The only things I changed were the neckline and the sleeves. It’s not perfect, but at least it’s pretty darn cute.

Have  a nice midsummer (or Hyvää Juhannusta in Finnish), if you’re celebrating it. :)

And here’s a piece of summer in eastern Helsinki for you:



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