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The Last Skirts of 2013


Skirt #1:

The first skirt is a simple blue 1/2 circle skirt with pockets. I made it out of a fabric left over from my grandma, which turned out to be one of those tricky 70’s polyesters that wants to melt when ironed. Luckily I did find a temperature that didn’t melt it, so the seams are fairly nice and flat.

I’ve used this skirt a lot, and I adore the colour, so it was a good use of grandma-fabric.






Skirt #2:

The second skirt is a 3/4 circle skirt (I’m going through a bit of  a circle skirt phase right now, I admit) with patch pockets and a machine embroidered stag beetle on it. The fabric was a cheap polycotton I had in my stash.

The beetle was for our machine embroidery course at school, where we had to design an embroidery pattern and test it. I chose the stag beetle because they are really fascinating, and quite beautiful as well. Wouldn’t want one crawling on my pillow, but in pictures and nature documentaries they’re great.




I made a separate underskirt (again, 1/2 circle) out of a fabric I found in a charity shop at a ridiculously cheap price. I think it’s probably viscose, and it has a very soft and luxurious feel to it. Perfect underskirt material then.



I also made a simple bias camisole from the same fabric. The pattern for this was interesting (inspired by an example in Pattern Cutting by Dannic Chunman Lo), since while the camisole itself is on the bias, the seams are on the straight grain. You can actually see one of the seams in this picture, but it’s a bit hard to spot. Maybe I should just do a tutorial on how to make one of these camisoles or something since it’s pretty cool.


So there you go, my last sewing projects of 2013 :)

Also, an announcement:

A friend of mine is getting married this summer, and I’m making her the dress! It’s not going to be a huge ballgowny type thing, more like a 50’s tea dress, but still, SUPER EXCITED! I actually get to make two dresses for her, since the actual wedding will be in California, but they will have a smallish pre-wedding party in Finland as well, which also requires a dress. So be prepared to hear about that as summer gets closer. Be prepared to hear a lot about that, in fact :D

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