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Portal Pot-holder


I wanted to make something for my friend’s new apartment, so I came up with the brilliantly original idea of a pot-holder. After seeing the scullholders in Stitch ‘n Bitch Crochet, I knew that what I had to make was a pot-holder inspired by the signs from Portal (an appropriate gift from one Portal fan to another).

So I settled on the one with the cake for one side of the pot-holder, and a companion cube for the other, since the rest of the signs would’ve been too intricate for such a small piece.

Version 1 (for my friend):


The companion cube isn’t based on an actual sign from the game, but on a necklace I have, since simplicity is the key here. The cake is also simplified slightly.

I ended up making one for myself too, though I changed the pattern a bit, since in the first one I had to clear up some details with some extra black yarn. Overall I think the first version looks a bit better, but the second one is nice and simple to make.

Version 2 (for me):


I used a 100% wool yarn by the Finnish company Novita, which was 50g=135m, crocheted with a 3.5mm hook.

The pattern is all single crochet, with the end result being about 16cm  x 18cm.

Here are the patterns for the version 2 pot-holder:

Delicious cake

companion cube

Each square represents a single crochet, and the colours are changed according to picture. Here’s a video demonstrating how crocheting with two colours works. I was annoyed by how much the other colour showed on the right side when crocheting from the wrong side, so I only crocheted through the other colour every other crochet, when working from the wrong side. Oh god, I’m so bad at explaining stuff like this. But this is what my wrong sides ended up looking like, so maybe some of you can figure out what I’m trying to say:


This lead to a much cleaner look on the right side, so I think it’s a good strategy.


To finish off, I crocheted a black border around each piece and then crocheted the two pieces together, wrong sides together, and added the loop.

I would really want to make more similar pot-holders, with varying themes and such, so maybe different fandom related pot-holders will be my staple gift from now on, until my friends start to think I’m a little loony or something :D


– Sadie


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