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Wedding Dress in Progress vol.1


As I announced a while ago, I’m making the wedding dress of a good friend of mine, who is getting married in July. So far I’ve been very busy with making the patterns and the prototype of the dress, which is part of the reason why I’ve been such a bad blogger lately and have posted so little.

But anyway, here’s a little of what I’ve been doing so far:


Making the patterns was fairly straightforward, and I didn’t really run into any problems there. I started with a basic dress block drawn with the measurements of my friend, and drafted the patterns for all of the parts of the dress from there. I will do a more detailed post on the inner workings and construction of the dress later.


The prototype or toile I made was very detailed, since I wanted to test some of the features, like the curved french seams on the overlay part of the dress, and the undercorset that will keep the whole thing from falling off once it’s on.


Here’s what the prototype looked like before the first fitting. I made it from some bedclothes and a see-through curtain I had, which had been left over from some halloween costume. In the first picture there’s even a petticoat I’m making for myself (there will be a post, in case anyone’s interested) under the dress, so that the silhouette would be the same as in the finished dress, which will definitely have a petticoat.


The changes I made after the fitting were as follows: taking in the dress a few centimeters at most seams, so that it would be sufficiently tight and not fall off or feel uncomfortably loose; I also curved in the front seams above the bust a bit, so that there would be as little a chance of a wardrobe malfunction as possible; I shortened the back a bit, as seen in the last picture; and finally, trimmed the neckline and armholes rather liberally.

Now the next step will be transferring these changes to the patterns, and then starting the actual dress. So exciting!

The dress for the party in Finland I’ve already finished, since I made it at school as part of my studies (I’ll do a post of that dress as soon as I get some decent photos).


In other news, I bought a sewing machine from the 1960s, and I’m in love! It is in near perfect condition, weighs about a ton, and is just about the prettiest machine I’ve ever encountered. It even has a handy compartment for bobbins and presser feet and such.


PS. Spring has finally arrived in Helsinki, and all this sunlight and birdsong is almost overwhelming!

– Sadie

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A Top And Some Pattern Drafting

Firstly, a kimono-style top I made the other day:

I used pattern 120 from Burda 05/2008. The fabric was a little too stretchy, so the end result is slightly bigger than I intended. Also, I just can’t seem to be able to sew double-needle top-stitches straight! Argh!

But I like how it turned out, especially how it’s the most comfortable piece of clothing ever!


I also drafted my first basic bodice block and sleeve block using the instructions from a book I bought called Pattern Cutting by Dennic Chunman Lo.

Here are the pattern pieces:

And here’s the toile:


The fabric I used for the toile was too stiff, I was a bit lazy with the sewing, the sleeves came out a bit too tight — but I’m still really pleased with the result. I’m so excited about making my own patterns!

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