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A Word (or a few) About Materials

So, as I said last time, I’m currently making Boyfriend a blazer, as practice for a suit(!).

The thing that has so far bothered me a bit is the question of materials. The book I’m using as a guide, Tailoring: A complete Course on Making a Professional Suit, seems to be very specific when it comes to this issue.

“Only natural fibres,” it says, “and buy the best materials available.”

These ideas put fourth by the book would of course be good advice, but there are a few problems:

1) I’m not very rich, so the best materials are out of my finacial reach.

2) I live in Finland. While I do dearly love this country, the fact that there is only one reasonably priced fabric store (chain) that I know of IN THE WHOLE FREAKING COUNTRY really annoyes me sometimes. And their range of fabrics is nothing to brag about either.

3) The book doesn’t have photos of the materials, so figuring out what to use as a substitute for something is difficult. The internet provides some help with this, but not always enough.

For the current blazer project I bought some fusible interfacing instead of the wool interfacing the book insisted on. The people at the fabric store assured me that this fusible stuff was very good quality, but I’m having some doubts. If it doesn’t work out in this blazer, I probably have to go hunting for the perfect wool fabric for interfacing for the actual suit.


OK, rant over :D

– Sadie

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