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Sadie The Chainmail Machine Vol. II



I made this simple chainmail bracelet for my awesome sister:





She really liked it, so yay!

PS. The reason I’ve been a bit quiet lately is because I’ve embarked on an epic project — making a suit for Boyfriend! So far I’ve made a toile, and next up is a blazer/sports jacket of some kind, so I can practise my tailoring and be sure the fit is right. The final product, a classic black suit, has to be done by the middle of July, when Boyfriend’s brother is getting married, but I’d rather finish it well in advance than have to rush.

I’m so excited, but also very worried, since it’s a project that requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. I’ll keep you posted on the progress, and will definitely be making other stuff as well :)

– Sadie

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Sadie the Chainmail Machine

Hi all!

I was actually made to wear those detachable lace collars when I was young, at parties at such, so I feel a bit strange about them being cool right now (“right now” probably meaning a year ago, my knowledge of fashion and trends being what it is). But the idea of a chainmail collar seemed so unresistable in its strangeness that I had to make one. So 223 split rings, a bit of chain and a lobster clasp turned into this necklace:



Making it was quite time-consuming, at times frustrating, but being the craftsy gal that I am, I really liked making it! I shaped the collar with the help of wikihow and a triangular piece of paper used as the pattern.



I think I might make some more chainmail jewellery in future! I really like the look of it!

Haven’t figured out what to wear this with yet…

– Sadie

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