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School Projects: The Button-up Shirt


We had a project at school where we had to design and make a shirt/blouse based on sketches by an entrepreneur who’s collaborating with our school. The sketches contained the basic idea for the shirt (some of them were very vague), but there was still room for creativity.


The sketch I got was pretty similar to the finished product, but I did come up with some things myself, like the bias tape between the curvy seams — and I altered the sleeves by making them long (in the sketch they were t-shirt sleeves) and adding the curved seam. Truthfully the sketch I got to work with was pretty clear, and I liked the design, so there wasn’t really much to change. In a way it was refreshing to work on something designed by someone other than me, since even though I liked the look of the shirt, I probably would have done something very different on my own.




The curved seams decorating the shirt were my favourite part of making this blouse, though at first I was worried that they would be too difficult, and would ultimately lead to swearing and disappointment. They really were pretty tough to pull off neatly, but in the end I felt like I learned a lot from making them (I would even want to make something with similar seams again). Bias tape never fails to amaze me, as silly as it may sound, and I love steaming it into curves and seeing how effortlessly it can be molded into almost any shape.


– Sadie

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