Unposted Things


Here are two dresses I’ve forgotten to post about:



This one I made in October from one of the fabrics I got in Paris, and the pattern was one we used for a project at school. Unfortunately I was a little lazy measuring whether the pattern was good for me, so it ended up being a little tight around the hips at first. So I added a slightly awkward godet to both of the side seams, which kind of bugs me, but it’s not that noticeable in the end. Anyway, I really like this dress, and I hope to wear it many times in the spring when it’s not so freaking cold anymore.


This other one is more of a tunic I suppose, and I made it some time in the summer with the same pattern I used for this blouse. It’s super comfy and I wore it lots when it was warmer.


I’ll probably be posting something in the near future about what I’ve been doing at school so far, since by now we’ve done a fair amount of projects there. I also have a pretty nifty crochet project in the works, so be expecting that too :)

– Sadie

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3 thoughts on “Unposted Things

  1. twirldesigns says:

    I love the border print!

  2. […] made a quick skirt a while back from the leftovers of a wonderful borderprint fabric I bought from Paris in the summer. Simple, but very handy and […]

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