Mononoke Costume

Hey Hey!

As a slightly late Halloween post, here’s my costume for this year:



Just try to ignore the socks and doormat.


As the title of this post gives away, this year I was San from Princess Mononoke, which is easily one of my favorite movies. It’s epic, bloody, and still manages to have a powerful environmental and pacifistic message to it — also it’s by Hayao Miyazaki, so how could it go wrong?

I spent way too much time and money on this costume, since sometimes I’m a little obsessive like that. I’ll definitely wear it again though, so what the heck.


The mask I made with some good old papier-mâché, which was surprisingly fun. It’s a technique I’ve last used in primary school, but I think it worked well for this project.


The rest of the accessories I made out of some air-drying modelling clay, which at least claimed to be break-proof, and could be sanded after drying, so all together really handy stuff.

The black dress was made from a coarse fabric I had lying around the house, and the apron I made from an old bed-sheet. The fur was the toughest part, since getting a fake fur that actually looked like real fur would’ve cost way too much, but I think the one I found works well enough for the purpose. It’s basically just a cape with a hood, the mask and ears (made out of the leftovers of some red fabric I had) sewn on by hand.

I really love this costume, and it was fun to do some proper crafting for a change. Now I leave you with some kodama, which manage to be both creepy and cute:



– Sadie


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2 thoughts on “Mononoke Costume

  1. Sara Norja says:

    You are just so awesome. <3

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