Embroidery Sneak Peek

A peek at some of the embroidery I’m doing on a kimono I made (a little crazy, since its basically just a dressing gown, but at least it’s good practice!)


Crappy picture, but yay, stylized flowers!


– Sadie

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8 thoughts on “Embroidery Sneak Peek

  1. like the design, but you might want to add some couching stitches to the petals if you intend to wear the kimono, as long stitches will get caught and pull. the lenght does give the stich a sheen and some oriental embroidery does use those very long stiches, but it tends to be for hangings and things that dont see much wear

  2. marjtrundle says:


  3. nishi says:

    Ooh! Pretty! Kimonos are the best!

  4. Sara Norja says:

    Omfg, that is so gorgeous! You’re so talented <3

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