Finally, A Finished Crochet Project!

I crocheted a shirt/blouse! It took me about half a freakin’ year or so, but now it’s finished.


This has been a ridiculously long project, mostly due to the thin cotton yarn (I used a 2mm hook), but also because I’m not the most industrious crochet-person, and because I was silly enough to make this without a proper pattern/instructions. But in the end it turned out really nice, so I guess it was all worth it. The shoulders are a little weirdly shaped though.

For the most part I used this stitch, along with a basic double crochet. For the hems I used this really cute stitch. I used some basic sewing patterns and my body measurements to make the pieces, which I then sewed together.







The neckline I finished using single-fold binding made from a strip of basic black knit fabric.

Before binding:


After binding:


I even crocheted a little test strip, just so I could see how the binding would work:



All in all, I’m glad this project is done, but next time I’ll be sure to either a) make something small, b) make something really lacy, c) use thicker yarn.

– Sadie

PS. As you can see, I’ve cut my hair! Actually I did it quite a long time ago, but since there have been no pics of me for a while over here, I haven’t had the chance to show it to you. Yay :)

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8 thoughts on “Finally, A Finished Crochet Project!

  1. The sweater is amazing! Do you sew the binding on by hand?

    • Thanks :)
      I used a serger and a normal sewing machine , with a technique similar to the one used in this tutorial, the only real difference being that I serged the raw edge and closed the binding with a small zigzag stitch outside the seamline. I hope that makes some kind of sense, it’s hard to explain!

  2. marjtrundle says:

    This is a lovely top and beautifully made. I do the same with knitting; it takes me forever!! I hope your dressmaking course is going really well and I think your new haircut suits the student lifestyle.

  3. Wow, that is gorgeous!

  4. nishi says:

    Wowsa! This top is beautiful! I love the edging detail in particular! One day I will learn to crochet… One day…!

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