School Update

Hey all!

If you read this post, you know that I’ve started the process of becoming a professional dressmaker! I’ve been at my new school for a little over a week now, and its been really exciting and generally awesome :)
The things/techniques we’ve started out with has been fairly basic, but I’ve already realised that I’ve seriously been doing some things the long way round, so I’m really really really looking forward to what I’ll learn once we get to the difficult stuff.

I also made a kimono dressing gown thing, but I’m thinking of doing some embroidery on it before showing it to you (even though I cursed sewing by hand to the deepest pit of hell after I’d finished boyfriends suit, it seems I just can’t stay away :D).


– Sadie


2 thoughts on “School Update

  1. marjtrundle says:

    You sound very excited about your dressmaking course. I hope it all goes well and you love every lesson.

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