The Haul from Paris and an Announcement

I’m a little late with this (came back many weeks ago), but I’ve been superbusy with the suit and stuff, so forgive me :D

Anyway, I managed to not buy a single article of clothing from Paris! I did, however, buy 12 m of fabric:


Starting from the left: An incredibly smooth pink cotton fabric, a slightly stiff blue silk, a wonderful scalloped border print fabric (cotton), and lastly a rather heavy black fabric (probably cotton/rayon combo) which I bought because it reminded me of a gorgeous formal skirt of my grandma’s that I used to admire as a kid.

And some more vintage sewing magazines:


And also these awesome opera glasses/theatre binoculars:


The announcement is that in autumn/fall I’ll begin studies to become an actual dressmaker/seamstress/whatever you want to call it!!! I’m super excited, but also a little nervous, since it is quite a big change after getting used to university life. But sometimes change is for the best, and I think that this is one of those good changes. And I never really was much of an essay writer :D

– Sadie

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4 thoughts on “The Haul from Paris and an Announcement

  1. KirtleB says:

    Good luck with your new adventures! I hope you will have time to keep writing…

  2. marjtrundle says:

    I think your fabric purchases from Paris are lovely and I really like your binoculars for the opera. Paris is full of treasures!!! And I think it is wonderful that you are following your passion to become a qualified dressmaker. You will learn things that a home dressmaker doesn’t get the opportunity to learn, so good luck for your new path in life.

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  4. […] one I made in October from one of the fabrics I got in Paris, and the pattern was one we used for a project at school. Unfortunately I was a little lazy […]

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