The Denim Blazer

It’s finished! Or has been a while now, I’ve just been too busy to post anything.
The actual real suit is well on the way too, so all is good so far.



The biggest problem with this was that the fabric is way too bulky. The sleeves also came out a bit less than perfect, which I have to take into consideration while making the actual suit jacket. But other than that, I’m really quite proud of this! Yay! I used a slightly modified version of Burda’s Ehren as the pattern.





I have to admit that there have been times when I regret ever volunteering to do this suit-project, but overall I think it’ll be worth it, especially as a learning experience.

Next week I’ll get some well deserved rest though, as we’re going to Paris!

– Sadie

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7 thoughts on “The Denim Blazer

  1. Juliet says:

    Wow, looking good – and enjoy your break too!

  2. marjtrundle says:

    Congratulations on making this jacket. You should be so proud of yourself. It may not be perfect in your eyes but for me it looks like a beautifully sewn and constructed jacket. I am sure you have learnt plenty and it will be valuable for the next project-the suit. Have a wonderful time in Paris and I hope you can get to do a bit of fabric shopping there.

  3. lakaribane says:

    I love it! I have to make 3 suits for work and denim is on my list. My choice feels validated by this awesome blazer!!!

  4. […] shoulders were another pain in the shall-I-say-where, like they were with the blazer, but I feel that they turned out better this time, with less bumpiness and […]

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