Once Again, I Made Something Blue


Somehow I’ve found myself making quite a lot of blue things for this blog, even though I’ve never thought of blue as a favourite colour or anything. And yet I keep coming back to it. Maybe it’s just nice and neutral without being boring? I don’t know.

Anyway, I made this skirt based on pattern #106B from Burda 05/2012 — though I drafted my own pattern — but it’s basically the exact same skirt:


Boyfriend called this my “model face”, since I look all serious and slightly bored/dazed…

I got rid of the front buttons, since they always end up looking a bit weird on a tight skirt. The fabric is some kind of cotton mix that cost me 11 euros for a piece of over 3 metres, so not a bad price. Fully lined with some grey leftover lining I had lying around. There’s a slightly enforced facing along the waistline like in the skirt with no side seams, to keep it from wrinkling up too much.



The zipper on the back is actually a vintage metal zipper I bought from a flee market a long time ago. It’s not in its prime anymore, but works well, and I really love the colour.


For some reason all my expressions were either like this (a little manic) or slightly depressed — somehow I just couldn’t act normally today.


I really really like this skirt! The silhouette is lovely and the pockets are superb, so yay! A definite spring hit, once spring finally decides to show up here in Finland.

– Sadie

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2 thoughts on “Once Again, I Made Something Blue

  1. Gorgeous work!! My girlfriend is really interested in sewing just not very good with her machine yet… any tips? lol
    Also, I found your blog by searching through “chainmail”… what have you designed that way?

    • Thank you! The only recommendation for your girlfriend I really have is to just keep at it, and get to know the machine thoroughly, by trying all the stitches and different settings etc. YouTube is also full of helpful tutorials for beginners.
      I’ve only made a necklace in chainmail, but am also making a bracelet that will be posted soon. It would be cool to use chainmail in an article of clothing as well, I just don’t think I’d have the patience for anything too big. :)

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