Sadie the Chainmail Machine

Hi all!

I was actually made to wear those detachable lace collars when I was young, at parties at such, so I feel a bit strange about them being cool right now (“right now” probably meaning a year ago, my knowledge of fashion and trends being what it is). But the idea of a chainmail collar seemed so unresistable in its strangeness that I had to make one. So 223 split rings, a bit of chain and a lobster clasp turned into this necklace:



Making it was quite time-consuming, at times frustrating, but being the craftsy gal that I am, I really liked making it! I shaped the collar with the help of wikihow and a triangular piece of paper used as the pattern.



I think I might make some more chainmail jewellery in future! I really like the look of it!

Haven’t figured out what to wear this with yet…

– Sadie

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4 thoughts on “Sadie the Chainmail Machine

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I love it. Sheath dress? Something that has more bare skin than you’d expect a collar with, perhaps?

  2. Sara Norja says:

    Ahh make me some chainmail jewellery, please! Medievaltastic :)

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