Vintage Treasures!


I bought two vintage sewing magazines from Mrs Depew’s etsy shop, and have fallen completely in love with them. So I thought I’d do some nerding here as well, especially since sooner or later Boyfriend will get tired of my constant excited babble.


The one on the left is from January 1933, and the one on the right from March 1931. The only bad thing is that these little wonders are in french, so reading them is rather difficult/impossible for me, even with the help of google translate.


The original patterns are long gone, unfortunately, but these mags will be great sources of inspiration nevertheless.

Some of the designs are really amazing, with the most exquisite and imaginative seamlines. That’s one thing that’s usually missing from modern clothes and patterns; imagination. (in my opinion anyway)


I mean look at that black suit with the asymmetrical front in the centre of the page! It’s just wonderful.





The skirts here are also amazing — I especially like the one on the far right.

There are also ads in the mags, including the one below, which I find a tiny bit confusing:


The 1933 magazine also contains a fascinating piece of history, an article concerning women’s suffrage:


From what I bothered to type into google translate, and from what I understood of the mangled sentences it came up with, I believe this piece is in favour of giving women the vote, which is nice.

I’ve gotten so many ideas from looking through both magazines already, can’t wait to make something :)

– Sadie


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7 thoughts on “Vintage Treasures!

  1. lakaribane says:

    Thank you sooo much for posting a high resolution photo of the article, very interesting stuff!

    • lakaribane says:

      Also, I love the advertizing. Right next to the face powder add (“What spell might cause such flawless complexion?”), there is a little add that says “For sale because of mourning, young ladie’s evening gown, never worn, printed silk voile, size 44, modern style, 300F”. I used to work next door to an antique store here and I just loved pouring over the WWI era magazines for women. Priceless!

    • I hoped that someone would be able to read it! Was I right that it was pro women’s vote?

  2. KirtleB says:

    These are lovely – what a find!

  3. […] patterns I made, very much inspired by a bodice design from one of the 30′s mags I bought a while back, the one on the right in this […]

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