The First Project of 2013!


This is a dress that I’ve been working on for way longer than it should’ve taken, but there was Christmas and then I was ill… so I have my share of excuses. Anyway, voilà!


(As you can see, there’s a lot of snow — feel free to draw your own conclusions as to how cold it was and how frozen my hands were)

All the materials for this dress, except the thread, were bought from various thrift stores around Helsinki. All in all, the dress cost me about five euros or so (denim, lining, zipper), which is quite a good deal I think.

The patterns I made myself, based on this sketch I drew back in autumn:





“Every dress has a silver lining” heh heh


Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out. Hope you like it!

– Sadie




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6 thoughts on “The First Project of 2013!

  1. I really like that! The pockets going into the princess seams are great.

  2. lloubb says:

    Great project! I can’t believe you made up this pattern yourself. I love all the seaming details.

  3. That is really cool-I’m sewing a pocket seamed dress at the mo’ but it is not self-drafted. Good on you for drafting it yourself. The fit looks really good-you might need a sway back adjustment at CB waist though-I have to do one of those for pretty much everything I sew apart from petite stuff. I use the Pattern scissors cloth tute for it. See you around.

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