My New Favourite Skirt


I’ve been a very bad blogger recently, sorry about that. I mostly blame university, and the fact that I had a phase of uninspiredness (yes, I’m aware that’s not a word) that started sometime in the summer and is only just coming to an end. But now I’m back in business and have a ton of projects planned, so I think I’ll make up for taking such a long break.

The Skirt

The sewing-blog appropriate hipter-pose… or maybe I don’t look melancholic enough to qualify?

This is basically just a six-gore circle skirt with pockets. Also, it has no side seams — just for fun. The waistband is petersham ribbon. I used the same fabric I made vintagey shirt #1 from. It’s a really hard farbric to work with, I have to say! Thin as hell and doesn’t weigh a thing… It was impossible to keep it still while cutting, so the finished product is a little lopsided.

I wore this with  a separate underskirt I made from some leftover lining and some of the bias tape I made from the same blue silk as the skirt. I was thinking I could maybe make a proper 50’s petticoat for this, to make it more festive from time to time.

The skirt closes with three hooks and a snap.

Lastly, a sneak peek into crocheting:

It’s just a test piece, but I think it turned out pretty nice (as in you can actually tell there’s a pattern).

I also bought myself a huge set of bamboo crochet needles:

They range from 12mm to 2mm.



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2 thoughts on “My New Favourite Skirt

  1. Juliet says:

    Love the skirt! It looks divinely swishy and with POCKETS! Best bonus ever! Your crochet looks great, I can barely knit in a straight line!

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