Pleated Skirt

Long time, no post.

I’ve been working full time for a while now, so I haven’t bothered with much sewing/blogging related activities, hence the unintentional break.

But now I’m a part-timer again, so I’ll have time for super-sewing again. Hooray for that!

The Skirt

This is my grumpy fashion model face!

I made this skirt a long time ago, but due to work and other things (read: laziness), Boyfriend and I only took pics of it a few days ago.

It’s made from the same fabric as the Rectangle Skirt in my last post.

I used pattern 121 from Burdastyle 7/07. I like how this pattern sort of puts a twist on the traditional pleated skirt by being asymmetrical with both the pleats and the top-stitching.

Contrary to the instructions I top-stitched all the pleats at the top, since the one that was supposed to be left unstitched refused to stay in place nicely (which tends to happen when you put a relatively tight pleated skirt on a figure that doesn’t resemble a stick).

I also made a petersham belt-thing that closes with a few hooks and eyes, since the ribbon I bought was far too stiff to be tied without looking all weird.

This skirt was also another success story for the invisible zipper foot, which I’ve totally fallen in love with. I added three crocheted belt loops to the skirt to hold the petersham in place, just to keep the option of wearing it without a belt.

My odd but awesome jellyshoes!



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4 thoughts on “Pleated Skirt

  1. Sassy T says:

    Fab. Looks RTW. Love the top too.

  2. Love this. The skirt came out so beautifully. Impeccable fit. Invisible zipper is perfect. Killer jelly shoes!!!

  3. Kessem says:

    I love this! very cute! I love the use of the petersham!

  4. prttynpnk says:

    Nicely done. I love the pleating.

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