A Top And Some Pattern Drafting

Firstly, a kimono-style top I made the other day:

I used pattern 120 from Burda 05/2008. The fabric was a little too stretchy, so the end result is slightly bigger than I intended. Also, I just can’t seem to be able to sew double-needle top-stitches straight! Argh!

But I like how it turned out, especially how it’s the most comfortable piece of clothing ever!


I also drafted my first basic bodice block and sleeve block using the instructions from a book I bought called Pattern Cutting by Dennic Chunman Lo.

Here are the pattern pieces:

And here’s the toile:


The fabric I used for the toile was too stiff, I was a bit lazy with the sewing, the sleeves came out a bit too tight — but I’m still really pleased with the result. I’m so excited about making my own patterns!

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2 thoughts on “A Top And Some Pattern Drafting

  1. Every Stitch says:

    I can understand the excitment about drafting patterns – it’s a logical step away from other people’s designs towards your own – I’ve just started learning pattern making and it’s really inspiring. Your toile looks great, can’t wait to see a “real” version

  2. […] more of a tunic I suppose, and I made it some time in the summer with the same pattern I used for this blouse. It’s super comfy and I wore it lots when it was […]

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