Ex Denim Overalls

I bought these huge denim overalls for a nineties themed party a while back, mostly because I wanted to capture the look of Buffy in her overalls of angst:

After the bash was over the overalls stayed in my cupboard for a long time, until I decided to turn them into something I could actually wear.

Here are the overalls for a start:

And here’s what I came up with:

1. The Bolero Jacket

I used the trouser part of the overalls for this, as well as the original back, which I wanted to keep. I had to cheat a bit and use some non-denim-overall-fabric, but that was only for the back panels and the lining, so I think I’ll be pardoned.

My lovelovelovely United Nude shoes… 70% discounts are awesome.

2. The Skirt

The skirt is a more traditional upcycling project, since I didn’t use a pattern and kept most of the original features. The back looks a bit funny though — I had to take in so much fabric but didn’t want to move the pockets… oh well.

But overall (pun alert!) I’m pretty proud of getting two garments out of one. And the challenge of working with so little material is always inspiring.

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4 thoughts on “Ex Denim Overalls

  1. alaamelia says:

    These are great! You did a fantastic job. And I am in love with your United nude shoes, so cool :)

  2. Sigrid says:

    great designs!

  3. Every Stitch says:

    That jacket is really cool – I wouldn’t have picked it as a recycled garment, and I’m in love with the shoes!

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