To The Trenches!

Yes, I know. Whenever someone makes a trench coat, they use this same title. Lack of originality: check!

Anyways, I made myself a trench coat, and I think it turned out pretty darn good.

I used pattern 128 from Burda 1/2008, adding inverted pleats to the sides and centre back, as well as a back yoke, and leaving out the second row of buttons at the front.

The fabric I found from the leftovers section of my local fabric store. The whole 3,2 m piece cost only about 17 euros, which was nice. The annoying thing about buying fabric that’s been lying in a pile for months is that I just could get the wrinkles ironed out, no matter how much steam I spurted at them. The stripey lining shown below was one of my grandma’s leftovers.

Buttoned up:

This coat was a lot of work, I must admit, but worth the effort.

On a side note, shoes!

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7 thoughts on “To The Trenches!

  1. This looks so wonderful!

  2. So cute! definitely inspires me to finish up the trench coat I’ve been working on for what feels like forever. They are just *so* much work, but I can see that the end result is worth it after looking at your lovely trench. :)

  3. That looks totally professional, congratulations! And I really like the shoes – where are they from?

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