Pinafore Dress!

Somewhere deep in my subconscious lies a certain nostalgia for school uniforms, though I last wore one when I was about 5 years old, back when my family still lived in London. Maybe if I had worn them any longer, my nostalgia would’ve been replaced by loathing, I don’t know.

Inspired by this nostalgia, I decided I needed a pinafore dress.

This children’s bib pinafore on Amazon was the one that really inspired me in terms of construction, strangely enough.

So here it is, my nostalgic pinafore dress:

I wanted to go for a vintage-modern feel (if that makes any sense at all), so I drafted a simple pattern with a 1/2-circle skirt and pockets. The fabric is a slightly stretchy black wool-mix.

Yay for wrap-dresses!

On a side note, the weather here in Helsinki is ridiculously depressing. It’s almost Easter and it’s STILL FREAKIN’ SNOWING OUTSIDE. On the other hand, Finnish spring is always like this – the ultimate tease. A few warm and sunny days that melt away most of the snow and then BAM! more snow. Argh.

Happy Easter!

– Sadie

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5 thoughts on “Pinafore Dress!

  1. So lovely and classic! And I actually prefer your rendition to the original from Amazon. ;)

  2. Chloe says:

    Great back detail – and a wrap dress, too. Looks very cool.

  3. Mel says:

    Wow, this is a beautiful dress! And exactly what I ways wanted.
    Would you consider making one for me?
    Thank you.

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