Old Stuff = New Stuff

I’m bursting with inspiration right now, constantly looking for new projects and such. I think it’s probably the feeble promise of spring… that always puts me in a sewing mood.

There were some old curtains lying around our flat that I’d had my eye on for a while cos the fabric was so luxurious. I made plans for making a long kimono-style dressing gown out of them, and last Sunday I finally got around to it. I used a variation of this burda pattern I’ve used oh so often. But it’s a handy pattern.

So here it is, my own luxurious dressing gown! I used up pretty much all the fabric I had, and in the end there wasn’t enough left for me to make the long belt I wanted, but this short one will just have to do.

It has these huge sleeves which make me feel like a jedi or something.

I serged the inner seams, and man is it fast! I love that it does everything at once, so handy. And I’m getting a hang of adjusting  the thread tensions little by little.

The second quick project I finished just now was finally making something out of this half finished dress that had been lying in my cupboard for probably a year now. Here’s the result:

Just a simple A-line skirt with a zipper on the front. It used to be a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline, but I couldn’t go with the original design as seemingly my bust had grown too much in a year, and the damn half-finished dress just wouldn’t fit from the top :D. It’s modeled here with the salmon coloured shirt from my first post, which I’m planning on doing on a tutorial on.

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5 thoughts on “Old Stuff = New Stuff

  1. fabricfusion says:

    Wow, I love that skirt! And the dressing gown looks luxurious. I love the idea of re-modelling previous projects and fabrics. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the tip on old needle pieces – I am going to give it a good clean-out, and see if it gets any better!

  2. Love the salmon top. Definitely looking forward to the tutorial!

  3. Biskaya says:

    Love the salmon top too and yay to a tutorial. I really like your blog, it’s very inspiring to a total novice like me!

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