Quick Serging

In yesterday’s post I said that it would probably take a while before I would dare make something with my “new” serger. As it turns out, it didn’t take that long after all. Today, after coming home from my lecture, I made a top for my friend Tiia from the leftovers of the dress I showed you guys yesterday. It took about three hours total, including drafting the top and messing around with my serger to get the right thread tensions.

So tadaa! here it is:

I think it turned out ok even though it was put together fast. I was very much inspired by the braided neckline tank on Burdastyle, but didn’t use the actual pattern.

The seams look nice enough too, though I still have to get better acquainted with my serger, I admit. Getting the thread tensions right is a little hit-and-miss for me right now, but I guess practice makes perfect?

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One thought on “Quick Serging

  1. kaitui_kiwi says:

    Well done on your first serged item, it looks fab! Your friend is very lucky. Tension took me the longest to work out as well but it does eventually click and make sense :) I found the best exercise for me was to thread up each path with a different colour and learn which thread did what in the chain. Cutting width is the other adjustment that can make a huge difference. Have fun! xx

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