Something Grey

Grey is a wonderful “colour”, both pretty and practical. I realize that I probably wear too much grey (especially during winter) but it’s just irresistible.


Tiia’s Dress


This is a dress I made for my friend Tiia. It’s the wrap dress from Burda 7/2011. Wasn’t too tricky to make, except for the fact that in Finland we only get Burda in swedish, so of course the instructions were in swedish, which I’m not very good at (= I know a few words and phrases). I think it turned out ok, though the edges of the ties are a bit bleh since I didn’t have a serger when I was making this. But Tiia was happy and that’s really all that matters.


My Skirt


It was really cold here in Helsinki a while back (around -15°C, which is about 5°F, I think) so I felt the need for a long wool skirt. This is made with pattern 105 from Burda 12/2006. The only adjustments I made were leaving out the second tier of the skirt and adding a waistband.

The fabric was this wonderful grey wool with a herringbone pattern. I cut the side-front panels on the bias to create a nice detail with the pattern, shown in the close-up above.



PS. My “New” Serger


So I finally bought myself a used serger, and I’m super-excited. It is a little intimidating with all the dials and strange threading, but I think with a little more practice I might actually dare to make something with it.


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6 thoughts on “Something Grey

  1. ooobop! says:

    Loving the wrap dress. It looked a bit daunting to me… even though I was reading in my own language! You did a fab job. I can appreciate the desire for a long wool skirt too. I have a love affair with wool right now. Its the only fabric to be trusted when its chilly! Good luck with the serger!

  2. Steph A says:

    I Love grey! It’s such a great basic for winter/cool times of the year. And I love your skirt, especially how you placed the side sections on the bias, it’s a vert flattering effect.
    It’s kind of funny, I just made a similar skirt last month and posed wearing mismatched wool house socks that my Oma knitted! Here’s my post:

  3. Steph A says:

    I forgot to say, congrats on getting a serger! I’ve had one for about 6 years or so, but hardly used it for the first 2 years! Too scared! Keep at it though, it’s such a great tool to have for sewing all kinds of stuff.

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