Christmas Crafts

So… long time no blog!

I still haven’t found a desk good enough to be my sewing table (maybe I’m just a bit too picky, dunno), which means I’ve been in sewing celibacy for almost two months now, and It’s driving me mad!

I thought I’d share some of my no-sewing-required Christmas crafts nevertheless.


Here’s some pretty neat Christmas tree decorations:

I stumbled on the instructions on this video, and they looked pretty easy to make so I decided try them out.

Cut eight circles out of felt or something similar (I used the wool left over from this project), and fold them into half-circles, using just a tiny bit of hot-glue to hold the sides together.

Next, glue four half circles together, until you have two constructions like the one above.

Then glue those two together to make a sort of pseudo-ball-thing. I also glued a loop in between the two halves at this point.

Next, start gluing the half-circles together like so:

Do this until you’ve gone around the whole ball, and you’re done! I used scissors to cut off any excess glue, as a final touch-up.

The only really hard thing in the construction of these decorations is getting them symmetrical, which means they should look something like this from above:

i.e. the holes should be about the same size. Just try to be precise and don’t use too much glue!


I also made a wreath for our front door:

Just a ready-made base with some ribbon, skeleton-leaves and beads glued on it. Easy peasy!


Merry Christmas everyone!


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